Ingeus is an established and trusted provider of large-scale welfare to work and business psychology services. They have a reputation for delivering culturally appropriate, highly effective and individualized, quality services.

Through their intervention, tens of thousands of people are working, contributing to their community, earning an independent income to help support their families, and building brighter futures.

By developing an understanding of individual circumstances, they encourage a sense of hope, aspiration, and self-belief in order to help clients to uncover their signature strengths. Primarily their work focuses on assisting people who are on unemployment or health-related benefits to get a job.

Their vision is to help the following groups of people to flourish:

  • our colleagues
  • young children
  • students at school
  • adults wanting career advice or change
  • adults wanting work related competencies and language skills
  • adults wanting to get decent lasting work
  • young people and adults wanting to start micro-businesses
  • people who have jobs and want to retain them but are facing health or personal challenges
  • older people who want to grow old with quality of life at home
  • people who want to work in green enterprises with a social conscience.