The Executive Search Experience

Looking at expansion opportunities post-funding but not quite sure yet where to start? Our experienced executive recruiters who have supported over 20 successful innovation companies will work with you to better understand your company’s talent needs. We will navigate with you through this challenging talent landscape and have your key role filled by the right talents.

Focus On Your Core Business While We Make The Introductions

We understand the frustration of assessing countless resumes only to realise that none of the candidates fit your requirements, or going through disappointing candidate interviews. We invite you to access our community of high quality candidates, and let us recommend you the talent that are best fit for your company’s culture and business needs.

Fuel Your Growth & Expansion Plans Across The Region

Hiring the right candidate in a fast and effective way is key to enabling your company’s success in the region. We also understand the challenges associated with recruiting talent in countries with cultures and practices you are unfamiliar with. That is why we engage our talent so that they are ready for the leadership opportunities in your company, and work closely with successful hires through ongoing coaching so that they succeed in your offices across the region.

The truth is, there are plenty of jobs and plenty of people, but they are just not connecting. And recruiters have long recognized the untapped opportunity in “passive” candidates, the 75% of the global workforce not currently looking for work.
— What The Smartest Companies Know About Attracting Top Talent, Fortune (2015)

To support our partners in becoming employers equipped for the fast-paced Innovation and Technology ecosystems of today, we also provide these services to complement your Executive Search experience:

Executive Coaching

Are there obstacles hindering you from being the best in what you do? Work on solutions with our executive coach and pave the way for leadership success and hyper growth!

Leadership Development

We provide customized training to suit the needs of your organization, at various stages of growth: High Performing Teams, Communication, and Change Management.


Training is conducted by Therese Wales, who has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources across 4 continents for MNCs and Fortune 500 companies, focusing on Recruiting, Training and Development, Coaching and Mentoring, and Talent Planning.

I like to think of building a high-performing organization in terms of creating an operating system that runs many different apps. In order to grow and respond to the environment effectively, you need to have a solid backbone that allows improvisation and innovation around the core. That core must be people. If your business doesn’t start with competent, engaged, and properly incentivized people, it will surely end without them
— Cooper McGuire, COO Ensogo, Co-Founder Zalora

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