Head of Digital Transformation (SG) - Corporate

Job Responsibilities

Create innovative and breakthrough strategies and program to support commercial business expansion in the digital marketplace. The goal is to build its value proposition, customer engagement platforms and customer-base.  Ultimately, the Director will accelerate revenue and profit expansion with a social enterprise ethos

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead development and continual enhancement of the digital platform that strongly engages consumers 
  • Drive ecommerce revenue and develop new revenue models, by working collaboratively with the Commercial team to build a core of strategic partners in the digital space that can power the new business among digitally-savvy customers 
  • Leverage new platforms to develop effective target digital marketing strategies and programs leveraging Customer Analytics 
  • Work collaboratively with the Data Science team to build deep consumer engagement and drive transactions 
  • Provide content and curriculum teams with insights to predict the future needs of customers 
  • He/she must forge a strong partnership with the CEO and other functional Heads. He/she will contribute to the overall business decision making and directly support the CEO in achieving the company’s strategic and operational objectives.  


  • Strong understanding of digital strategies and technologies 
  • Track record of building commercially successful digital channels/services for consumer facing brands
  • Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, project management & leadership skills  


  • Degree holder   
  • Additional Masters / MBA preferred   
  • 5+ years in a management position, in either a end client or agency environment 
  • 10+ years’ experience of creating digital services for consumers


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