Head Marketing (6 Months Maternity Cover)

The person will champion the shift of the organisation into one with a marketing led ethos .

He/she will be responsible for the development of the organisation’s annual strategic marketing plans, incorporating relevant market research programmes and field force activities necessary to meet organisational goals. He/she will also be the custodian of the marketing budget, ensuring all marketing communications for the various products and channels as well as brand and public relations activities are funded with an appropriate measurement of success.

The person will oversee the marketing department which includes the development and implementation of support materials and services (including but not limited to events) for all departments in the areas of marketing, communications and public relations.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy & Planning  

  • Develop the annual marketing strategy and plan for the organisation.
  • Custodian of the annual marketing budget.
  •  Develop customer focused value propositions, key messages and communications 
  •  Develop marketing & communications strategy and plans, including marketing communications (print and digital), public relations, conferences and events to support new products.
  • Establish a closed-looped system of reporting between the marketing function and the other functions so that success of any campaigns and plans are measured.
  • Run and manage marketing partnerships and platforms in Singapore and the region.


Brand, Marketing and Communications

  • Optimise communications mix of public relations, traditional and digital media as well as leveraging on content 
  •  Lead and enable the organisation to leverage the latest technology and digital practices to engage with customers better.
  •  Custodian of all social media assets; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram 
  •  Runs and manages forecasting of leads , ensuring leads collected are of quality and are converted. 
  •  Safeguard the brand and reputation by ensuring uniformity in the application of corporate identity guidelines


Public Relations & Events

Assume oversight and accountability of media relations, communications plans and press releases within Singapore to enhance the company's reputation and brand presence



  • Ensure that systems are in place to meet marketing goals and that marketing principles are understood by all stakeholders
  • To constantly seek out industry best practice of conducting marketing, and reapply best practice across the Singapore and the region
  • Provide leadership and coaching to ensure talent development and performance management of direct report

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