Market Launcher (SEA)- Fintech Series B Startup


Looking for an entrepreneurial leader with a strategic mindset to set the roadmap and execute on the vision for the company’s international expansion across South East Asia!

You will also be front-and-centre in terms of new market evangelism, identifying opportunities for market entry and setting the plans and building the teams to execute.

What you'll do:

  • Develop the structure, processes, and playbook to support new market expansions
  • Build a detailed understanding of each potential market and the business case for market entry for each one.
  • Establish leadership team buy-in on the prioritized list of markets and sequence the timing of entry to each market
  • Take point on the recruitment of teams necessary to execute our International plans
  • Support Country Managers in the early negotiation of partnerships where applicable, especially large ones that are international in nature
  • Advise on legal and regulatory requirements (incorporation, hiring, payments, logistics etc) with market setup
  • Assist with PR and media interviews where necessary (CxO and Country Manager will still do them, but depending on availability, Director International may need to take some as we add more countries)


  • Strategic partnerships with banks, insurers, and other financial institutions at market launch
  • Hiring of market leadership team
  • Audience at launch (Responsible to the CM, Accountable to the CCO)
  • Reach of Launch Marketing Campaign (Responsible to the CM, Accountable to the CMO)
  • Develop, drive and ensure alignment of the high-level marketing and brand strategy with the company's strategic vision
  • Develop and manage scalable lead acquisition programs through various channels: SEM, online media, social media, events, etc
  • Identify and propose new channels to reach our audience and tests to drive new customer growth
  • Evaluate and enhance our SEO and CRO initiatives
  • Develop, compile, measure, and interpret key metrics, including lead acquisition and conversion rates, tied to specific marketing campaigns
  • Develop and maintain customer acquisition performance dashboard and forecast, adjusting the plan as required to achieve aggressive goals
  • Develop innovative campaigns that increase customer loyalty and turn them into the company's advocates
  • Serve a key role on the executive team in shaping overall strategy


  • 5+ years experience leading and growing teams
  • MBA preferred
  • Knowledge of bank or insurer commercial sales cycle
  • Knowledge of South East Asian markets and cultures
  • Understanding of core finance and HR concepts
  • Retail financial product (banking and insurance) understanding preferred
  • Digital Savvy (Experience in digital business)



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