VP Engineering (SG) - Healthcare start-up

Potential candidates:

The VP of Engineering will be responsible for leading a talented engineering team, developing the engineering culture, coordinating strategic technology choices and keeping the business on schedule. You will interact closely with the CTO and product team in tool selection, delivery roadmaps and other areas.

Recruitment of talented engineers will be a priority for you. You will need to closely follow the evolution of new web technologies, competitor products, and be passionate about the Developer/Engineering and Healthcare ecosystem. As the business expands with new customers the are on-boarded, you will need to build the product in additional development languages, in tandem with tackling more complex and features for existing languages.

This role will be based in Singapore.

What you’ll do:

  • Build a strong engineering culture, facilitating work and communication across your organisation.    
  • Scale the engineering team, recruiting talented engineers who fit in well with the culture of the company
  • Capable of carrying out necessary engineering initiatives.
  • Actively inspire, encourage talent development and career progression within the engineering team.
  • Coordinate features design with Product team, define and prioritise the engineering roadmap and ensure delivery is meeting expectations.
  • Drive the right technology choices and internal adoption, along with the CTO. Take appropriate risks, and proactively evaluate and manage incoming technical debt.
  • Develop best practices for testing, deploying, and developing features and releases.

Preferred Experience:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or a similar field

  • Strong technical background, with a minimum of five years’ experience with Fullstack development and the ability to contribute to technical planning and design discussions

  • Excellent communication skills with a minimum of four years’ hands-on technical management experience

  • Experience having implemented organisational processes to make sure that team delivers on time

  • Experience of designing/developing cloud-based, scalable applications

  • Experience of designing micro-services architectures on hosted networks and cloud infrastructures, along with expertise in the architecture and integration of applications into existing web stacks without performance issues

  • Experience in developing with a keen appreciation of security requirements

  • Experience of having managed a remote teams and outsourced vendors preferred

Industry requirements:

  • Localised understanding of the healthcare industry and challenges

  • Understanding of modern architecture and design principles and development methodologies

  • Has a heart and desire to serve the community, and build products that make a difference in the lives of families


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