Data Engineer (SG) - Healthtech AI start-up

Join an exciting team which was founded in 2016, where a team of data scientists and technologists came together with one mission; to use data ethically to solve real world problems and improve lives. By creating the most advanced artificial intelligence capable of making accurate predictions years into the future, the company aims to apply its predictive engine to all aspects of the healthcare industry, to help patients, providers, caregivers and payers manage patients throughout the lifecycle of their diseases at lower costs.


We are looking for a top-notch Python Hacker, who is well-versed in Python, hand-crafting our high-performance data platform and AI engine (AlgoServer), and fine-tuning our proprietary algorithms (AlgoPacks) working side-by-side with our data scientists. Your primary focus will be the on-going development and the enhancement of our data infrastructure, ingesting and analyzing “big data” across myriad of data sources, including our frontend mApp. You also will be working closely with senior data scientists to deliver proprietary algorithms running at scale across our data platform sitting on top of Spark.

  • Writing modular, scalable and efficient code jointly developed with senior tech team on agreed architecture

  • Implementation of security and data protection while ingesting and analyzing "big data"

  • Real-time integration of various data sources, ingestion (ETL - extract, transform, and load) of data through our data pipes, and execution of algo packs delivering insights back to client's systems

  • Liaising with frontend developers/vendors to support the backend data platform

  • Create and maintain software documentation

Requirements and qualifications

  • Preferred Background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related disciplines although not necessary. Nontraditional acquisition of knowledge is not discriminated

  • 1-4 years of relevant working experience, especially in large-scale production environment. Fresh graduates with strong Python skills are encouraged to apply.

  • Excellent programming skill in one or more scripting languages: Python (must), Scala, Java, JavaScript. Understanding of the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture.

  • Background in machine learning is advantageous. Additional experience in Node JS and React Native would be great (but not necessary).

  • Experience in any one of the following field is highly preferred: (i) cloud computing platform (ii) database management (NoSQL preferred) (iii) distributed computing/lambda architecture (iv) Spark and HDFS

  • Prior startup or entrepreneurial experience would be a bonus.

  • Can-do attitude

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