Regional Financial Controller (SG) - HR Tech

Our client is a rapidly-growing series B start-up run by a young and dynamic team, backed by supportive and experienced investors. Their vision is to be a world-class company that contributes to a world where people and organizations can realize their human potential.

They are looking for an exceptional, strategic and forward-looking Regional Financial Controller to lead them onto their next phase of growth and transformation. You will be responsible for financial leadership, closely monitor and drive financial performance to ensure alignment with overall objectives.

Like the CEO, you will have a company-wide view on the business. Your mission is to use this vantage point to make the company great, leading a high quality finance organization that manages critical responsibilities for the company. You will be doing this by informing important strategic and operational decisions by constantly finding new insights to improve business performance.

It is an opportunity for you to embrace a…..

  • Strategic role: You will have the chance to be part of the core management team, deeply involved in strategic growth and direction of the company

  • Growth: Fast growing company with multiple X revenue growth. You will be part of this growth trajectory and taking on lots of challenges to grow quickly in a personal capacity

  • Impact: Have the chance to make an impact on young careers and over thousands of organisations.

  • Autonomy: You will be the first senior finance hire, and will be given lots of freedom and trust to build-up the team.

  • Scaling-up: As a Series B startup, they have sufficient resources and yet still have the build-from-scratch mandate of an early-stage company.


1. Financial Control & Reporting

  • Ensure the company has accurate financial metrics (Revenue, Profits, cashflow, burn rate, etc.)

  • Generates reports that helps the management team and stakeholders stay informed of these metrics

2. Financial Planning

  • Manage the budgeting and planning process

  • Build a model of the business that projects performance into the future

  • Track business performance over time, and continually improve the model to be more robust and predictive

  • Constantly look for opportunities to suggest improvements to business performance

3. Accounts Payable/Receivables

  • Manage cash - both collections and disbursements

  • Optimise cash flow and cash management

4. Treasury

  • Manage the cash in the business intelligently, balancing returns and risk

  • Mitigate risks (illiquidity, currency etc.) to the fullest extent possible

5. Tax

  • Understand the company's tax requirements in the various countries we are operating in

  • Ensure compliance with various tax authorities

  • Optimise tax obligations

6. Risk

  • Assess potential financial risks facing the company and proactively mitigate them

  • Manage audit process

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