Regional HR Lead (SG) - HR Tech

Our client is a rapidly-growing series B start-up run by a young and dynamic team, backed by supportive and experienced investors. Their vision is to be a world-class company that contributes to a world where people and organisations can realize their human potential.

You shall be the Regional People Operations Lead, building and leading the HR teams to take care of all things people. Reporting directly to the CEO, you will have a chance to be part of the core management team to set the strategic growth and direction of the company. Being the first senior HR hire, there is no baggage to clean up, what you will enjoy is tremendous freedom and trust to build the HR department from scratch. Be part of our client’s impressive growth trajectory! 

This is not an operations role to fret over HR paperwork and payroll. There is an operations team to take care of that, so you can focus on the people role. You have to be (or quickly become) a strong leader to lead a capable HR team to achieve ambitious goals.

You need to possess strategic human resource planning skills to build and define HR processes that will scale a team of A-listers from 100+ to 300+ in the next 2 years. Aligned with our client’s branding objectives, you will drive initiatives that will strengthen the corporate culture. You will use your empathetic listening ear to understand the needs of the team and thus achieving a healthy retention rate. Together with the leadership, you as the senior HR lead will co-create performance management systems to strive towards a culture of tip-top performance and growth. 


  • Strategic Human Resource Planning

    • Build and structure teams to scale

    • Work directly with the management team for strategic manpower planning

  • Talent Acquisition & employer branding

    • Partner with department heads and business owners to

    • Build and scale team of 100+ to 300+ with top players

  • Human Resource Processes

    • Build and define HR processes to scale from 100+ to 300+ in the next 24 months

  • Employee Happiness & Retention

    • Listen to and understand what is keeping the team happy and unhappy

    • Then, work with the team to push through initiatives to maintain a healthy retention rate

  • Culture

    • Maintain and strengthen the corporate culture with key initiatives and processes

  • Performance Management

    • Co-create performance management systems that will maintain a culture of top performance

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