Are you ready to scale up? So are we.

The product has been built. After multiple iterations and thousands of lines of code.

The customers are buying. After numerous pivots and experiments.

The VC has signed the cheque. After exhaustive pitching and copious amounts of whisky.

You are funded and ready to scale. 


Now, take a deep breath and count to 10.

You’re back at the starting blocks. The next race is very different.

It’s going to be faster, more intense and way more complicated than the last one.

The growth is now across multiple markets, geographies and product verticals.

Your new customers will come from different cultures, speak different languages and hold you to a different standard. Their standard. Laden with local idiosyncrasies.

And while you’ve been in control of almost everything up till now, that’s about to change.

The future success of your company now depends on more than just you.

You need a team. 

People who believe in you, your mission and are ready to invest their knowledge, experience and a lot of sweat to make it happen.

Why ConnectOne?

At ConnectOne, we know how hard it is to get the people part right. 

Because we put our faith in the startup and innovation ecosystem long before it was sexy.

We sat down with founders and CEOs in the early days and listened to their dreams and visions. Pains and disappointments. We watched them stressing over products, people and problems galore.

We met with talents and listened to their aspirations and frustrations. We matched them to opportunities hoping they could make a difference. We watched them walk away from insecure bosses, dysfunctional teams and soul-wrenching dramas.

To the world, we were just recruiters.

But we always saw ourselves as more. Much more.

We champion people issues. Bringing the right person into the right role at the right time to deliver the right results.

The corporate world calls it Talent Management. Venture capitalists call it building Human Capital. We call it our mission.

And just as the ecosystem is maturing and our clients are scaling; we recognise the need to step up and offer solutions to broader people and culture challenges.

There are thousands of People Consulting models out there, but our team of experienced practitioners decided to keep it simple.

Because at the end of the day, there are really only 3 ways to get the right people in place.


1. BUY.

If you don’t have the right talent in place, we will help you BUY (or recruit) the right person. We sit at the heart of the startup community curating a pool of high-energy, entrepreneurial talent who are obsessed with making technology and innovation work.  We know what they’re good at and where they want to go next. And they trust us.



If you already have a team in place, we will help you BUILD (or develop) the leaders and culture. We do this with a team of qualified HR operations specialists, coaches and trainers who understand the unique challenges of the startup space. We marry the best of two worlds:the latest tools based on scientific research and good old-fashioned common sense and wisdom.



If you need to fill a talent gap urgently or test out a product/market for a few months, we will help you BORROW the right talent. We match clients with a community of experts who are happy to do gigs.

You can choose one method; or a combination. We will give you our honest opinion on what works best for you.

It’s all about staying agile and delivering results.

People issues are one of the top 3 reasons that start-ups fail.   

We are determined to reverse this trend for our community and the eco-system that we serve.

Author: Joanna Yeoh, ConnectOne Director